Talking Heads Are Awesome

Whew!  Hi!  I feel like I haven’t looked up from work in days.  Things are busy, busy, busy over here and we are loving it!  Every day, it seems, we have new clients, new projects, new missions, new platforms, new techniques, new knowledge and new wisdom. 

In the spirit of newness and ever-changing technology, today we offer you this:  Talking Heads.  No, not the band.  A talking head video is basically a small person who walks onto your website and tells your viewer something really important.  You know how important and popular videos on websites are right now, and a talking head video is even more interesting and even more engaging!

Aside from just being really cool, talking heads draw more attention than a basic video because they’re still fairly unique.  They also start playing immediately, gaining the audience of those visitors who might never press play on a standard website video.

Want to see one in action?  Visit America’s Business Management, one of our recent clients, and check it out!  Then, come back here and tell us what you think!


It’s About Design

I read a recent blog from an art director/designer who asked the question whether his craft was still needed in our informational world.  Isn’t it just about getting information out there, not how it’s presented?  His point was, it’s not just about the availability of information, but also about its consumption, and we couldn’t agree more. In fact, we think the need for good design is integral in information consumption and even more important today as people sort through what to consume.  As he states in the blog, “good design is what connects.”

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