The Tragedy In Japan & What’s Really Important

It has been one of those thankfully infrequent weeks where the world completely changes for many people.  The earthquake, tsunami and aftershocks have changed Japan for many years to come, if not forever.  The lives of the Japanese, as well as people living in Japan, and many other people around the world became entirely different in an instant.  And in this historical moment, we’ve been reminded of the true power of social media — connection. 

Google immediately created a Person Finder to help people in Japan (and those with loved ones in Japan) find their loved ones.  Within seconds of the incident, Facebook and Twitter were flooded with status updates relaying news and images, and offering reports of people’s whereabouts and well being.  The social media world became like one giant emergency broadcasting system, making all the important information available instantly and worldwide.

Social media was created for one reason — to connect people.  As it has grown and developed over the last near decade, that purpose has become diluted.  While advances in social media have their own purposes and benefits, it can be valuable to get back to basics and remember what’s really important.  It’s all about people.  That’s true in life, as well as in both business and social media marketing.  Be authentic, and remember that people are people and not numbers.  In that, you will find great success — and it’ll feel good, too.

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