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We were recently featured in TC Palm, a local paper here in Vero Beach, Florida.  The print and online versions of the article are different, so it’s worth giving both a read for the most complete picture of what we do and how we feel about online marketing

From the article:

With more than 75 percent of U.S. adults on the Internet tied to a social network, social technologies are changing the way consumers make purchasing decisions and how companies market.

“There’s so much that you can do online, you need to maximize your presence,” Garrett said. “In this digital age, websites are only half the battle. You need to also engage some of the social network sites, and also use email, newsletters and videos.”

Head over to TC Palm to read the whole thing.


What’s Hot In Social Media

We are always growing over here, in lots of ways.  As we continue to get bigger, we’re always thinking of new ways to reach you, our stellar clients, in ways that are even more convenient for you.  To that end, we’re starting an email newsletter! 

Our newsletter will highlight some of our most interesting social media posts from the month, as well as contain exclusive content about social media and online marketing.  So, if you follow us on our social media channels, this will be a great place to get even more content.  If you don’t follow us on our social media channels, this will be a great place to find a digest version of the amazing social media and online marketing news and information you’re missing otherwise.

Signing up for our forthcoming email newsletter is simple — just head over to our website and use the handy sign up form that appears on our homepage!

Must Love Dogs

People are often surprised to discover that we’re a dog-friendly workplace.  That means, on any given day, you might find a dog or two lounging about the office or investigating what’s happening on our computers.  We love it, but you might wonder why we’ve decided to hang out with dogs at Social Kaboom

The first and obvious answer is — we have dogs.  We love our dogs, and we’d much rather have them hang out with us at work than be left at home alone all day.  They like it better that way, too.

The less obvious answer is — our dogs remind us to think outside the box.  Just as about 99 percent of the time dogs aren’t allowed at work, more often than not, social media isn’t allowed at work.  In fact, it wasn’t that long ago that social media was never allowed at work.  And before that, most employees weren’t even allowed online during office hours.

What’s allowed in the workplace in terms of the internet is constantly changing.  With each new dissolution of anti-internet policy in the workplace, we have an even bigger opportunity to effectively market your business in the online world.

And so our dogs become our mascots for remembering that what is or isn’t happening in this industry is temporary, and, as such, we must think outside the box so we are always ready for the next new and exciting development in online marketing.

Is your workplace dog-friendly?  Tell us in the comments.

So You Want To Increase Your Business…

So you want to increase your business and use the internet to help do it.  Well, you’ve come to the right place because Social Kaboom excels at making that  happen.  Some call us wizards, some call us gifted.  Most just call us when they want results.

Social Kaboom is a full service internet marketing company catering primarily to small and medium size businesses and specializing in social marketing.  We’re hot, we’re cool, we know how to pushthe right buttons to make things happen. We have an affinity for Social Media Marketing, building hot websites, producing meaningful blogs, newsletters, promotions, and a lot more – all dedicated to one goal – helping build your business. We can do that for you in your local market, on a national level, for specific overseas markets, or globally.

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